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10 Amazing Baseball Stadiums Every Fan Should Visit

The arrival of summer signals sunny days, warmer temperatures, and baseball — lots and lots of baseball. It’s that time of the year when America’s pastime is in full swing, pun intended, and fans all over the country have begun to descend upon their favorite ballparks to soak up the action both on and off the field.

What’s great about baseball stadiums is that they cater to more than just guys who watch every pitch of every at-bat. Ballparks in Major League Baseball offer a wide array experiences that visitors can partake in with everything from fine dining to art. In fact, aside from aesthetic appeal, what sets a great baseball stadium apart from a good one tends to boil down to how well it caters to even those who aren’t crazy about the sport. The following list shines the spotlight on 10 such ballparks that are absolutely amazing in every sense of the word and should be visited by all at some point or another.

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