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10 Amazing GIF Artists You Should Know

A picture is a worth a thousand words, but that picture says so much more when it contains motion. After all, isn’t that why the Internet is so obsessed with GIFs these days? Beyond the world of Buzzfeed and reactionary GIFs, our dashboards on Tumblr are also constantly exploding with cool, hilarious, and sometimes really weird motion graphics. In fact, some of the artists behind these GIFs, like Lacey Micallef and Dain Fagerholm, have become really well known on the Internet, which says something about the GIF as an art medium. GIFs have come a long way since the late ‘90s when the first ones were being made. Nowadays, artists like Rebecca Mock have been commissioned to make visuals for The New York Times, and Jaime Martinez has embraced the format in his band photography. Recently, GIFs have even transcended our computer screens and taken over the streets, thanks to the likes of INSA and In Return. From oldtimers to recent household names, here are 10 amazing GIF artists you should know.

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