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The 10 Best Guest Boards of All Time

The guest board is a recent phenomenon. In the past, the notion of a skater receiving a model on a company he didn’t ride for—even if his pro career had ended years before—seemed farfetched. Although the occasional am board materialized, actual pro models were reserved for a brand’s pro team.

And then something changed. In the early ‘00s, Krooked, Mark Gonzales’s company, began releasing decks as tributes to riders the Gonz presumably respected. Suddenly, skaters like Henry Sanchez, Shiloh Greathouse and Elissa Steamer—none of whom rode for Krooked—had signature boards bearing the Gonz’s illustrations.

Since then, guest boards have become a staple of many companies’ catalogs. We took a look back and came up with the 10 of the best models ever released.

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