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The 10 Best Murals in NYC Right Now

In a city tightly packed with buildings, there’s no shortage of wall space in New York. Many shopkeepers commissioned graffiti artists to paint murals on the outside of their security gates or walls of their buildings, and now even the city government is authorizing street artists to put up murals to decorate the urban environment. Mountain Dew recently launched their This is How We Do living portraits campaign, which allows you to step inside the world of their all-star athletes Paul Rodriguez, Danny Davis and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., they have now decided to turn the series of commercials into painted murals. Since the murals will be going up in cities across the country, including New York, it got us thinking about the other great murals that have popped up in the city recently. Here are our 10 favorite murals in New York City right now that you should go see while they are still up.

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