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A Look at Houston’s 10 Trillest Record Stores

Not too long ago, music connoisseurs across the globe gathered into their favorite records shops to celebrate Record Store Day. On that special third Saturday of April, everyone took a break downloading music from the iTunes Store to celebrate the well-preserved culture of vinyl records. New EPs and classic LPs alike sold at shops all over, turning into one of those days that we’ve marked off on the calendar annually since it first began in 2008. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as we did, especially if you live in the city of Houston.

The reason why we’re singling out the Space City is because they’ve got some amazing spots that sell vinyl records all year round. Not only can you rely on these stores for rare and collectible tunes, but you also might come across a chill event on a good night or an in-store performance. If you’re cruising through H-Town looking for something to spin on your turntable, hit up one of these 10 premier locations.

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