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10. Alley Kat

Formerly known as The Mink, Alley Kat rounds out the small clump of venues at the end of Main Street. Naturally, it shares almost nothing in common with the other venues on the block, which is what makes the Main Street scene so appealing.

The venue has three different areas, and bands play at all three. The architecture and ambiance give off a high-class vibe, but everything is actually affordable. The main area is usually occupied by smaller bands who play on floor level and can be seen and heard from the street. The second area is next to a chic outdoor patio where acoustic or crooner-type acts usually play. The third section is the most music-centric; it sits in a long room on the second floor and is great for dancing. They don't always have music, but they usually host funk/upbeat type bands on Friday nights when they do.

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