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7. Big Top

Big Top is another rock solid venue on the Main Street drag. In addition to being on the same block as Continental Club and Alley Kat, it’s right next to the light rail — which makes it extremely easy to get to. The surrounding area is as much of a draw as the venue itself, as there are a handful of restaurants, stores and venues that share the block with Big Top. There's a jazz restaurant, an after hours thrift store, a taco restaurant and more.

Like most good Houston spots, Big Top has a front and back patio. The main section has a space at the end of the room, where the bands play on ground level. It's one of the small venues in Houston that seems to always cultivate a dancing atmosphere. That’s probably why management is fond of booking horn bands, Latin bands and any other type of act that gets people moving. In the event of good weather, the outdoor stage on the back patio is pretty nice.

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