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2. House of Blues Foundation Room (Peacock Room)

Ok, so clearly House of Blues, the venue/restaurant super-chain, doesn't exactly scream "underground music." However, the Foundation Room in Houston is surprisingly working in that direction. House of Blues has recently made an effort to bring more local music into the venue by hosting smaller shows in the Foundation Room, which is usually reserved for their VIP membership-paying customers.

In order to get up to the Foundation Room, you have to take an elevator that’s located behind an inconspicuous door on the opposite side of the building from the main entrance. The room itself is a stark contrast from the street outside. It is elegantly decorated in an Eastern-world theme, and its gorgeous decor and lighting creates a visibly sensual atmosphere.

Fans that come to see bands play here are used to seeing these groups perform in dingy clubs, so the dramatic change of scenery creates an electric, new setting. The acoustics are solid and the bands are always on their game, mainly due to the palpable excitement of the crowd. There's even a set of mysterious doors that lead to small rooms with couches inside — which usually peaks the interest of weekend rock stars and the fans who come dressed up to see them.

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