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10 Books from Your Childhood That Should Be Made into Movies

In a time when nobody can seem to come up with an original idea anymore, Hollywood has taken the easy way out by remaking old TV shows into movies or just recycling the same movies’ stories for a more modern time. After Wes Anderson and Spike Jonze remade two of our favorite children’s books — Fantastic Mr. Fox and Where the Wild Things Are — into awesome movies, we started thinking about how many other great books from yesteryear are ripe for the big screen picking. We reminisced about the time when the Scholastic Book Club catalog was a seriously exciting read as we were able to order our favorite children’s books, and realized that there were a bunch of books that hadn’t been made into movies yet, but definitely should be. We’re not talking about low-budget TV movies here. We’re talking about Hollywood productions with big budgets and amazing special effects. Those things will be necessary to ensure that the magic of our favorite childhood stories doesn’t get butchered.

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