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10 College Courses That'll Actually Get You Pumped for School

The last month of summer seems to go by the fastest, and the end always hits you when you least expect it. Suddenly, all the school supplies that once lived in the back aisles have made their way to the front of stores, reminding all college students of the inevitable. It’s that time of the year again. For those who aren’t already back at school, you’ll probably return to campus soon, which means another year of readings, exams and less time for fun. On the other hand, not all classes are dull and stress inducing. For instance, even at MIT, there’s a “LEGO Robotics” class that feels more like child’s play than schoolwork. At the University of Missouri, there is also a class devoted to the study of Jay Z and Kanye West. Despite how much you don’t want to go back, school isn’t all that terrible, and interesting subject matter make it a whole lot better. Here are 10 college courses that will actually get you pumped for school. Your university may not offer them, but surely you can find a fun or wacky class to take at some point during your college career.

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