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7. Planetary

Describing themselves as "Archaeologists of the Impossible," Planetary is an organization intent on discovering the world's secret history. Funded by the mysterious Fourth Man, the field team consists of three superhuman beings: Jakita Wagner, who is strong, fast and almost invulnerable; The Drummer, who can detect and manipulate information streams such as computers and other electronics; and new recruit Elijah Snow, who can create intense cold and extract heat. The field team travels the world investigating strange phenomena—including monsters, aliens, other superhumans, unusual relics, and suppressed military secrets—for both the betterment of mankind and out of sheer curiosity. The group is sporadically opposed by a rival group of meta-humans called the Four, a parallel Fantastic Four (Dr. Randall Dowling, Kim Sueskind, William Leather, and Jacob Greene) intent on using the secrets of the world for personal gain.

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