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10 Cool Apps That Will Enhance Your Museum Experience

Ah, sweet summertime. School’s out, work weeks are shortened, and everyone is happy because it means there’s more time to do the things they want to do. For some, that means a day spent at an art museum and getting lost in a sea of artwork. Canvases and sculptures, however, aren’t exciting for everyone. For those who have been roped into going to an art museum or who have simply gone to the MoMA one too many times in the past month, technology has the solution. A bunch of tech-savvy artists and designers out there have developed some amazing apps to enhance your art museum experience. While many of the apps included in this list such as ROY G BIV and to.be camera weren’t designed specifically with your museum experience in mind, they’re sure to entertain anyone. Check out and download these 10 amazing apps to enhance your art museum experience.

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