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The 10 Most Creative Concert Tours

Who doesn’t love a good tour? From the interactive experience of being surrounded by a full stadium of like-minded music lovers, to simply just seeing your favorite artist live, concert tours create lasting impressions and lifelong memories. That’s why it’s even more special when the artist understands that power and really puts on a show, from all possible aspects. We’re talking creative visuals, stage setups that test your perception of dimensions, and light shows that are visible even with your eyes closed.

As we salivate over tickets to Kanye West’s current Yeezus Tour—which is sure to go down as one of his greatest live examples of that expansive creativity he possesses as an artist—we look back on some of the most creative concert tours of all time. From the few that left fans in awe at the visual aesthetics to the cleverly executed ones that defined innovation, these are the concerts that put in extra work on the creative output. If possible, don’t be afraid to cop these on DVD for your own personal viewing pleasure.

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