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10 Defunct Companies That Should Make a Comeback

Everything has an expiration period — well, Twinkies might be exempt, but that’s another story. Basically, we all have those stores, places and companies in general that we show the utmost brand loyalty to. That’s why it’s hard to take it when certain businesses go downhill and get thrown into the “Remember them?” category. If you do your research, some companies that no longer exist were the OGs that inspired brands we currently love today.

Lucky for you guys, researching isn’t necessary — we did the homework for you. If you’re old enough to remember, the majority of these defunct companies we dug up will have you feeling a mean sense of nostalgia. We feel you and could definitely see some of these making a comeback to produce a few products. See 15 examples of why some things will never die, or if they did, will at least always be remembered.

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