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8. The Original DeLorean Motor Company

The 1985 film Back To The Future gave us a lot of technology to look forward to, but everyone was dead set on getting The DeLorean after watching Marty McFly getting around in one. In real life, though, DeLorean Motor Company manufactured the car sans the time-traveling capabilities. Although the company itself only lasted from 1975 to 1982 — dying out before the first Back To The Future even hit theaters — no one will ever forget the gull-winged, stainless steel construction of the brand’s now-infamous prized horse. If Nike can throw us a pair of official Air Mags, even if it was a super limited run, DMC should be able to come back for a quick DeLorean DMC-12 release for the sake of sports car fanatics and futuristic film junkies.

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