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A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory

Here’s where things start to come full circle. You’ve already listened to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue as we recommended, right? Now when you dig into A Tribe Called Quest’s classic sophomore album, you should appreciate it even more. After all, Q-Tip and the rest of Tribe make jazz samples the absolute foundation of the album.

Beyond all the jazz parallels, Low End Theory is an excellent album in its own right. Dedicated to addressing many of the same issues Marvin Gaye sang about on What’s Going On — yet another connection — the project isn’t afraid to tackle some serious issues while still remembering the power of simply having fun. The one downside to vinyl is that you probably can’t go insane dancing around to “Scenario” without the record skipping like you can with digital. No format is perfect, but trust us, Low End Theory is still well worth having in your collection, even if you do have to listen to it sitting down.

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