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Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

A good collection is all about range. We want to give you a solid vinyl foundation with a little taste of everything, so you’ll be able to dig deeper into what kind of music strikes you most powerfully, and maybe even expand your sonic horizons in the process.

Now that you’ve got some classic jazz, hip-hop, rock, and soul sitting on your shelf along with a newer hip-hop selection in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, we had to throw in a newer rock album to round things out. Of course, calling Arcade Fire a rock group and Neon Bible a rock album is a gross simplification. The group recorded it in a remodeled church, and really pulled out all the stops, seemingly throwing in every sound, voice and instrument they could think of into the music. On laptop speakers, all those sounds can sound like a muddled mess, but on vinyl, it sounds beautiful and clear. At the risk of sounding like a snob, we don’t know if you can really appreciate this album until you hear it on vinyl.

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