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Beatles - Revolver

Take your pick. Really any Beatles album is a must-have, but we can’t include them all here, so we’re picking one. That one is Revolver. We said earlier that the Beatles are the best band ever, and the proof is in the wax.

Everyone talks about Sgt. Pepper and rightfully so when it comes to the Beatles, but where Sgt. Pepper has a more live show feel, Revolver is the best demonstration of the group’s musicianship. They managed to do what they did so well on their  six prior albums, but what makes Revolver so special is that it is almost a look into the future. They used then new and revolutionary tools like looped effects and altered vocals to create the edgy sound that would go on to start a wave of experimental rock. To hear just how revolutionary the album was, you'll need the proper vehicle, which just so happens to be a great vinyl setup.

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