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Radiohead - Kid A

You would be hard pressed to find a band more devoted to sonic experimentation than Radiohead. In the years since they first broke onto the scene, they’ve gone from a more traditionally structured rock group to an electronic outfit, back to a rock band, and everywhere in between.

Kid A was their first real deep dive into incorporating sounds beyond the traditional rock structure, and on vinyl, those groundbreaking audio experiments are even more mind-blowing. Now, you could easily just keep moving the needle to hear "Idioteque" over and over again, but beyond individual song brilliance, Kid A is a fully cohesive and narrative album that deserves to be listened to again and again. Our recommendation is to wait until you find yourself confronted with a rainy Sunday afternoon before you put this album on your turntable. It’s more than music. It’s an experience, especially on vinyl. You’ve never really heard Thom Yorke sing until you’ve heard him like this.

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