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Team Pup ‘N Suds - Brink!

For anyone who was a kid in ’98, you knew it was going to be a good night when The Disney Channel dropped a new DCOM. This movie followed Andy “Brink” Brinker and his in-line skating crew, the Soul Skaters, around. They believed in skating for fun, not for money, so they ultimately clashed with Team X-Bladz, who were paid skaters. Brinker might have skated over to X-Bladz in a dark part of the movie, but came back and got the Soul Skaters team sponsored by Pup ‘N Suds. Eventually, they beat out Team X-Bladz and Brinker remembered skating is for fun, not for money. Yeah, Team X-Bladz had way cooler gear, but they weren’t in it for the love of the sport. Pup ‘N Suds stayed true to their core beliefs as soul skaters, and it made everyone want to be like them.

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