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Fast Forward: 10 Things We Want Now That Were Promised To Us In The Future

It’s 2014. While we’re thankfully not living in that apocalyptic tyranny predicted in 1996’s Escape from L.A., we still haven’t come close to getting those dope hover boards from Back To The Future, Part II either. It seems like that idea — along with a host of other game-changing products from futuristic films — is still collecting dust on the cutting room floor within Stephen Spielberg’s imagination. Call us wishful thinkers, but we still believe that air surfing through the streets will be a possibility sooner than you think.

As we wait along with the rest of the world for those to go into production, it’s only right to add some other cool creations to our list of things that should have been available since the balled dropped for Y2K. Whether it’s the deep space vacation, popping pills of food, or finding a two-bedroom apartment with a 360-degree aquatic view, we’re pretty certain you would cop these with the quickness. If you’re following us on social media, hit us up with a few of your own futuristic luxuries we may have missed.

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