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10 Great Music Photographers You Should Know Right Now

Being a music photographer isn’t the easiest job in the world. Capturing those fast-moving concert moments, battling it out in the mosh pit for a perfect wide-angle shot, or snapping that money shot of a rapper while dealing with the wrong press credentials are just some of the trials these guys have to put up with. However, for every shaky or blurred image, there’s one perfect Kodak moment—preferably a dozen—that makes the end result always worth it.

In respect to the hustle, we’re putting the focus on 10 current masters behind the lens who capture those rare backstage images and direct top-notch editorial spreads. Some have been rocking out for over a decade, while others just cracked into game within the past five years. All of them, however, are beasts behind the camera, bringing a fresh vision into the new era of music photography.

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