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10 Hip-Hop Auction Items

Rock is almost an entire generation older than rap music. While rock stars like Elvis Presley were taking over radio and television sets nationwide mid-20th century, rap’s most visible stars wouldn’t get substantial airtime until Run-D.M.C.’s crossover success in the 1980s. That time difference means that rock’s own pioneers and their iconic paraphernalia—guitars played by The Beatles, crazy outfits worn by Prince—have received more attention than their rap counterparts. But there are scores of classic rap items that encapsulate where the genre came from, as well as where it is headed. Mics rocked by Rakim, awards won by Public Enemy, masks worn by MF DOOM are now storied artifacts included in the legacy of the world’s most notorious genre. With that, here are 10 pieces of rap history that we can’t wait to reappear at auction.

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