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10 Icons of New York City Skateboarding

Claiming New York City is tricky. How many years can you live here before you feel comfortable saying you’re a New Yorker? With five boroughs and so many New Jersey transplants, the criteria for being considered a New York skateboarder isn’t easily defined, but is finite if your skating epitomizes NYC.

New York isn’t about the hardest tricks at the biggest spots or owning a McMansion and the freshest whip. It all comes down to style and impact. So many would rather see Gino Iannucci push than Joey Handrail front crook a 50 stair. It’s how your clothes look, what creativity you bring, and the impact you have on the community as a whole. Skateboarding is a microcosm of NYC and these are ten skateboarders who will forever define New York.

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