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Mike Malinin - Ultramarathons

When he’s not supplying rhythm on the stage, the long-time Goo Goo Dolls drummer finds solace on the pavement. Malinin, who was the band’s drummer from 1995 to 2014, got his start as a runner in high school, where he was a member of the cross country team. Had it not been for an unfortunate knee injury, there’s a good chance he would have continued his running career at the collegiate level. Nevertheless, Malinin rekindled his love for the sport after watching the 1994 Los Angeles Marathon television broadcast. Since then, he’s gotten back into top running form, and in recent years, has participated in numerous marathons and ultramarathons. Now that he’s no longer burdened with the task of being a full-time rock star, maybe he’ll have more time on his hands to devote to his other love, running. Don’t be surprised to see this guy in the winner’s circle in the near future.

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