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10 Must-Have Items To Survive Any Music Festival

If you’re reading this right now, we hope that you’re currently on you way to one of the many big music festivals that happen annually. If so, allow us to give you a huge round of applause. You’re about to experience one of the greatest, most memorable moments of your life — a combination of great live music and the opportunity to mix with thousands of like-minded individuals who have the same taste that you do. However, in order to really enjoy yourself and remember it all, you’ll need some help navigating your way through.

Before you plant your feet into the 700-acres of land at Bonarroo, set up a tent at Lollapalooza, or trek from stage to stage at Rock The Bells, peep a few of the things you must have in order to truly be able to call it the time of your life. We hope this helps any first-timers, but you festival vets can learn a thing or two as well about not repeating the mistakes you made at SXSW.

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