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10 New Artists Keeping The Houston Music Scene Alive

Houston has been booming with great music for some time now. Maybe it’s the size of the city or just something they’re feeding them over there, but it seems like H-Town is constantly spewing out hit-makers. From Beyoncé’s dominance in pop music to the influential hip-hop scene that Paul Wall, Slim Thug and UGK helped build, it’s not hard to see why the world has their focus on who’ll be next to put on for the city. After doing some searching, though, we think we found a few musicians who are contributing to the new wave of great music coming out of the largest hotspot in Texas.

Take a look at 10 new artists proving that Houston is still a great place to find some good tunes and fresh faces in music. Some of these guys are continuing the city’s legendary hip-hop legacy while others are adding their mix to the growing indie scene in the area. Either way, these musicians are making a name for themselves without forgetting the rich musical culture of where they come from.

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