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10 Non-Skate Shoes That Are Great for Skating

In skating’s earliest days and at various points in its history since, skaters wore non-skate shoes either out of necessity or a desire for more functional designs. In the ‘80s, when brands like Airwalk, Vans and Vision Street Wear produced skate-specific footwear, many skaters swore by Chuck Taylors. In the early ‘90s, as skating’s evolution outpaced all but a few companies, the most progressive skaters traded their bulky high tops that they had cut down for the vintage Pumas and Adidas that were popular in the rave and hip-hop scenes. While skate shoe design has caught up with skating itself, there are still options for those of us who opt for footwear with a different sensibility, but still seek something functional. Here are 10 non-skate shoes that are great for skating.

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