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10 of The Most Classic Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time

Albert Einstein toiled and tested numerous theories and experiences when finding the answers and developments that would become the general theory of relativity and the famed equation, E=mc2. He set the bar.

For lyricists, constructing their magnum opus isn’t exactly mind-nauseating numbers within solutions, but calculated thoughts and executions that walked the similar path of Einstein. Those within the urban art form are separated by one word when dissecting their work, classic. Classic means history. Classic parallels triumph-a moment where everything went right. It mirrors winning an Oscar for Best Director because it's damn near impossible.

Digging through digital crates of discographies, I collected what has been considered classics accompanied by my personal explanation for their standing alongside a simple, but revered word in the community.

Featuring three white boys who turned the scene on its head, a commanding voice within a woman many will never touch musically, and a producer who transitioned his verbal talents into witty boasts that shadow his insecurities, these classics will never be forgotten for paving the road many have walked on. Here are 10 of the most classic albums in hip-hop that aren't from Jay Z, Biggie, or Nas.

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