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Beastie Boys - Paul’s Boutique

The Trio stepped away from the perfect marriage of Rick Rubin’s alternative instrumental sound with their simple world play. They started anew as if it were a prequel to their mature sound in Licensed to Ill. Paul’s Boutique was just electrifying.

Taking in the album's beats forces the dense foundation to be prominently noted. These weren’t beats rappers would normally lay rhymes with. But the Beasties figured out the arithmetic to create unconventional rhythms. “Shake Your Rump” proves this true in the multiplicity of snares, high-hats, drums, and guitar riffs with easy-to-comprehend lines. MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D make it known their songs aren’t to be taken as complex offerings you would find from other New York MC’s, but their snarky, playful jabs to one another atop diverse sounding production prove the staying power of the Beastie sound.

A constant on “Top Lists,” the second effort from the three boys from Brooklyn sold 2 million copies by 1999.

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