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EPMD - Strictly Business

EPMD dropped Strictly Business two years into hip-hop’s “golden era” in 1988. The Long Island-duo stepped away from heavier boom-bap sound that was laced into the grittier landscape of the East Coast concrete jungle, for a funkier head-bobbing compilation as if the duo only had the West Coast in their hearts

Opening with a contrasting Eric Clapton rendition of “I Shot The Sheriff,” Erick Sermon’s sleepy cadence alongside Parrish’s mature voice was the ying and yang for those searching for fun wordplay with a deep flow.

Spanning 10 tracks that certified it gold status within four months of its release, the narratives were compelling enough to hold the attention of the rap purists and the casual listeners who opted for a catchier sound. In Zapp & Roger’s synth-infused “More Bounce to The Ounce” listeners were forced to move their heads uncontrollably to the deep bass.

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