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GZA - Liquid Swords

The standout lyricist of the Wu-Tang, The Genius’ complex process of developing story lines with pieces of philosophy and analytical thinking derived from chess and criminology evoke thoughts of sitting in calculus class trying to figure where to begin. Lines would flow over your head if you weren’t taking notes.

Merged symphonically with RZA’s monotonous, hypnotic tones of repetitive loops, the Shaolin Staple known by his government name of Gary Grice, laced tracks with dialogue from classic martial arts film such as Shogun Assassin. His Wu cohorts lend helping hands on “4th Chamber” and “Investigative Reports.”

Even with Nas and Biggie describing the terrors of the Big Apple, GZA managed to take those concepts and add even deeper layers of uncharted territory. It’s an introspective look that takes the city and paints it over with gothic black.

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