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LL Cool J - Radio

Honing the in-your-face delivery while still abiding by the curfew rule, the Queens-born artist released a commercial success for Def Jam as both began to gain ground. Hip-hop was turning the corner into the spotlight at the time of its release in 1985.

At 17, LL Cool J was the torchbearer for his label while strutting in his adidas tracksuit and Kangol bucket hat. His lyrical artillery was emphasized in, “I Need A Radio,” while his true adolescence was seen on tracks like “Dear Yvette,” and “I Can Give You More.” He still kept his backbone intact while showcasing his feelings.

“Rock The Bells” was the definitive realization that the self-assertive rapper boasted of a skill with no equal. His B-boy bravado matched the snapping pop snare, distorted guitar riff, and Cut Creator’s deep scratching with every bar he laid. If you were to step in the ring with LL, best believe your bell would’ve been rung.

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