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Mos Def - Black on Both Sides

Mos Def’s debut was riding the unanimous hype for a lyrically-conscious rapper that had given the masses a taste of what was to be expected from his work with Black Star. Preaching his intelligence as a direct disciple of Mohammed, the prophet delves in criticizing the negligence of a necessity in “New World Water” and asking the listener to find an answer in “Mathematics.”

The album was leant Def’s instrumental talent with production on percussion and bass. In the standout single “Ms. New Booty,” a sultry voiced Aretha Franklin lends the imagination to visualize the title subject to experience Mos Def’s courtship of an elusive girl.

His mother’s life lessons appear in tracks like “Umi Says.” The debut was certified gold netting five hundred thousand sales four months after releasing in October of 1999.

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