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The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride 2 the Pharcyde

LA-bred The Pharcyde didn’t opt for the type of rap their city was brewing, but swapped it for a more alternative sound a la the Native Tongues Posse. Rhymes incarnated with doses of The Three Stooges and the genius duo of Lloyd and Harry, Imani and Fatlip's tracks recall wild nights filled with even wilder antics.

The obscure lyricists are surprisingly articulate and make it known on the insult-laden track “Ya Mama,” a record not for the faint of heart when caught in the crossfire of jokes. On their most successful record set on a funk bass line paired with jazz trumpet pumps, “Passing Me By,” the quartet turn themselves into the victims of failing in the romance department.

Reaching the gold plateau in sales with the third and fourth singles “Better or 4 Worse” and “Otha Fish,” The Pharcyde helped shape the underground sound with Hieroglyphics and Jurassic 5.

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