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10 Old-School Skate Shoes That Need Re-Releases

Shoes are a major part of skateboarding. As skaters, we all develop a preference for a specific style of footwear, whether it’s cup-sole or vulcanized, high-top or low, or tricked-out or stripped-down. Whether we like it or not, product cycles run their course, and shoes that we once counted on seeing on skateshop walls, and by extension on our feet, always meet the end of their run. All we’re left to do then is find a replacement.

However, some shoes are so beloved that demand for them never diminishes. Years after they’ve been discontinued, reissues emerge. As a result, we’ve seen rereleases of Eric Koston’s first éS model, Mike Carroll’s first Vans model, and Marc Johnson’s first Emerica model, among many others. Still, there are way more skate shoes that deserve a second or third chance at life. Here are 10 that need to be reissued right now.

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