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10 Rumored Albums We Want to Hear Already

How many times have you gotten excited over the announcement of a potentially dope album, only to hear less and less about it as time goes by? Pushbacks are one thing, but when a project sits in proverbial limbo — sometimes for over a year — it can be a definite buzz kill. They say the only way to make something happen is to speak it into existence. In that case, we’ll step up on behalf of music lovers everywhere and declare that certain albums need to be completed ASAP.

Whether you’re familiar with some of these projects or not, this group of upcoming or rumored albums definitely need a release date by the time the next summer solstice comes around. Take a look through and you’ll see how some of these could really change the game. Who wouldn’t love to see a female rap resurgence or even a comeback from a few ‘90s music legends?

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