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10 Songs Discovered While Listening to Beats1

I think I gave up on listening to the radio in the space between the last true Dipset freestyle on the Funk Flex show and right before Youtube revealed that rappers were actually just reciting rhymes off of their smartphones. It was a real “green curtains cascading to an emerald floor as everything you thought to be true proved itself to be a mockery” period in life. Couple that with hearing the same string of “hits” you’d hear if you listened to the radio for an entire day, and you have enough to make a case for why exploring all that the internet has to offer sonically is beneficial to your psyche.

One of these latest gems happens to be Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio. With the platform already proving to be compelling enough that one of our writers made the switch, I myself decided to give it a go and see what I could exhume to help rid me of the poor taste radio has left in my mouth. There were some classic joints from my younger years thrown into the mix, but I also discovered a number of artists I'm definitely going to add to the collection on my iPod classic.

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