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10 Successful Artists That Went Solo and Their Best Albums

Anyone who has played in a band can tell you just how tenuous it can be keeping it together. Ego, excess, attention, and fame can pry the tightest knit group of friends apart with the allure of going solo and calling all the shots. Many times, artists don’t realize that the conflict and tension of creating music is a divine chemistry that can’t be replicated, only realizing it after going out on their own and losing that structure.

Even a band’s most talented songwriter sometimes needs another ear to fine tune a song and take it from good to great. These are only some of the greatest solo albums ever recorded, but more notably, they’re ones crafted by artists who were already icons before pursuing solo careers. Not only do these albums stand up against their prior output, but some of the songs also rival their biggest hits and even eclipse them. Here are ten of the best albums ever put to tape by musicians that were already iconic before taking leap of going solo.

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