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10 Technologies That Need To Be On Skate Shoes

It might not seem like it, but technology is constantly changing the way you rock your kicks. Think about every time Nike or other brands introduce a new silhouette into the mix and how they constantly talk about comfort, support and board feel. We have seen technologies from various other sports make their way onto skate shoes and even the designs of the shoes themselves have been influenced by outside sources, but skate culture is also about the audacious and daring, so why not apply that same methodology to shoes? Technology has taken us on a journey that nobody could have predicted, and shoes are just one of the outlets for those advancements in our lives. While we talk about the same old things when introducing new shoes, these brands should also be thinking out of the box and bringing in the unexpected and game changing. So here are technologies — some logical and some outrageous — that need to be on skate shoes in the future.

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