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10 Things We're Excited to Hear from Eminem's ShadyXV Album

Eminem needs no introduction or foreword. The Detroit lyricist possesses one of the most recognizable and respected catalogs in the history of music. Besides holding the title of “the biggest-selling artist in hip-hop history,” Eminem has been the catalyst behind various other platinum-selling artists through his Shady Records imprint, which is a joint venture between Eminem and his long-time manager, Paul Rosenberg.

At the end of August, it was announced that Eminem would be releasing ShadyXV, a two-disc album that is set to mark Shady Records’s 15-year anniversary, founded in 1999. Fittingly, the upcoming album will be Shady Records’s 15th release, and is set to feature some of the label’s most iconic songs, as well as new material from Eminem and the label’s other acts, including Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, and D12.

With any new Eminem release instantly comes an influx of questions surrounding the album’s content. Fans are busy generating a frenzy of excitement, inquiring about the project’s themes and potential guest features while critics are left questioning Eminem’s ability to rekindle the buzz of his past. With the chance that this list might reach the eyes and ears of Eminem and those over at Shady Records, here are 10 things we're excited to hear on November 24 from the label’s upcoming 15th release, ShadyXV.

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