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10. New York City

The Big Apple is essentially one big museum. Fruitful as it is desirable, the waxy exterior of the urban jungle dares outsiders to take a cultural bite. True, you don’t necessarily have to visit a museum to get a history lesson here, but the over 80 art institutions that are littered around the five boroughs offer an endless stream of intellectual entertainment for those who are up for it. In fact, the only downside of New York City museums is that you can’t get to them all no matter how motivated you are. Start of with key spots like the MOMA, Guggenheim — we see you James Turrell — and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Then work your way down. You’ll also want to visit the American Museum of Natural History for their amazing collection of dinosaur bones and mammal dioramas and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which has an amazing collection.

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