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9. Washington, DC

The museums in the nation’s capital rank among the best, not just in the country, but also in the world. DC’s open area National Mall is home to 11 of the 19 Smithsonian Institution museums and galleries. Naturally, the city draws in school children by the busloads. However, with roughly 75 museums, there’s something to see for everyone, no matter your age. For art lovers, the National Gallery of Art boasts a world-class selection of iconic masterpieces. The institution’s East Building is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, which features works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol. The West Building focuses on European artwork ranging from the medieval period through the late 19th century. You’ll see paintings from Claude Monet and Vincent can Gogh on display, not to mention the only Leonardo da Vinci piece in the Americas. History buffs, check out the National Museum of American History, as well as landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Your sense of patriotism will be sky-high, guaranteed.

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