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10 Video Games That Should Be Made Into a Movie

When you think about how cinematic the gameplay in some video games has become, it’s not hard to imagine filmmakers using their PS4 and Xbox One consoles as inspiration for their latest Blockbuster hit. Actually, it can be extremely profitable if you do it right like Milla Jovovich saving the world as Alice in all six Resident Evil movies. With Angelina Jolie already having suited up twice as Lara Croft, and Ludacris wielding a badge for 2008’s Max Payne film, the possibilities for big screen reboots are endless. Luckily, we have a few suggestions in mind.

There are not enough fingers on the human body to sum up the actual amount of video games we’d like to see in theaters, but 10 of our favorites will do for now. We’ll even do the legwork and provide the plot details and choose the roster of A-list stars to ensure a box office smash. Are these worthy of dropping your controllers for the night and standing in line at a local cinema? Grab the popcorn, scan through this list, and be our film critic for the remainder of the article.

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