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10 Works of Art Made With Food

Were you one of those kids who were told time and time again by your parents not to play with your food? If so, you would be in good company. These 10 artists chose not to listen to that rule and it’s a good thing they didn’t because they’ve made amazing works of art using fruits, vegetables, candy, eggs, and other food items. Combining their culinary and creative passions, these artists have come up with brilliant ways to make interesting and edible art. They’ve all applied different techniques like mosaic, sculpture, and photography to bring the food fantasy worlds of their imaginations to life.

Whether it’s a landscape made from fruits and vegetables, a portrait of your favorite rapper illustrated with candy, or a 1,000-pound sculpture constructed completely out of butter, these works of art will not disappoint. You may even need to take a trip to the kitchen after viewing them to get yourself a snack.

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