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11 Smart Ways To Use Outdated Technology

As we head further into the digital era, a lot of the things we used to rely on have lost complete use in our lives. The days of burning music onto blank CDs and using floppy disks to transfer data have long gone with services like WeTransfer and the advantages of mini USB ports making those other things feel foreign. Unfortunately, now that leaves you with one big utility closet full of old technology. What’s a tech savvy kid to do with all those outdated electronics? Actually, there’s a good answer to that: repurpose. With a little bit of creativity, what seems useless now can be turned into handy appliances or at least some really cool home décor.

After you see the many possibilities for that old stuff in your house, you’ll realize the reason why there’s that old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Before you go throwing out those old Game Boy Color cartridges, we’ll show you how to turn them into something you can actually use in 2014. We all can use some new wall art or a clever spin on drink coasters to fix up the crib, dorm or whatever room you have that needs a fresh coat of vintage style.

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