1234 Creations Explains their Music Using Color Theory

It all started as summer 2014 was coming to a close. 1234 Creations co-founder Daniel D’Artiste was moving out of his Los Angeles apartment. Seeking a way to preserve the bond in his group of friends, he founded 1234 Creations, a music and arts collective featuring the talents of 17 in-sync creatives, the oldest of whom is 25.

While it was conceived in California, its members now represent cities from all corners of the globe, from Miami and New York to England and Brazil. In addition to D’artiste, the group’s musical contributors include Lean Ghost, dylAn, Jahkoy, and Soft Glas, while visual artists Benji Taylor and Amber Park also supply their efforts.

The group recently put forth a bundle of new material. To shed light on the perspectives behind each track, I asked each contributor to devise a color scheme that, in his eyes, reflects the themes, moods, and messages expressed in the song.


Daniel D’Artiste, “Nob Hill” (Beauty & A Beat Sad Boy Flip)

I made this song about two months ago in the anticipation of summer. It’s not quite a summer song; it has more like, pre-summer, chill vibes. These colors reminded me of the end of spring time, or beginning of summer, when you’re going from subtle tones of warmth to full-blown heat and vibrance. This is that step right before you get into those vibes.


The Johnny Frost Band, “Operation Frost” (feat. Twelve’len & Young $enna)

It was like, the second time we had all gotten together after establishing the band. Daniel told us that there was this local band in Miami, and that they were gonna come over for a little band practice. It was pretty much us just hanging out. Twelve’len comes through with all their equipment and stuff, and they start playing chords while Daniel’s making a beat. Our friend Young $enna was there, so he decided to throw on some vocals. The mashing of the genres was really beautiful, especially since it came about out of nothing.

They’re super soft and pastel-y, and I think everything Johnny Frost is in sync with those tones. We’re called the Johnny Frost Band; we’re just happy people. These colors are very descriptive of exactly what was going through our minds when we made this song.


Johnny Yukon, “Rounds/Sleep”

This is how I envisioned the sky during the scene I describe in the song. It’s like, a progression from sunset into night time. There are also themes of love and infatuation.


Soft Glas, “Still in Love” (Soft Glas Remix)

I wanted to switch up the feel of the song and make it a little more melancholy. When you’re saying you’re still in love, it’s not a good thing. I was sleeping on a floor in Boston and trying to figure out how to bring that to life. I’ve been told that I think cinematically about music, so I wanted to create this scene of someone sitting on the beach at dusk and reminiscing. I wanted to bring that world to life through sound. The color scheme takes you through that journey, from the darker hues of blues into the lighter ones. In to the end of the song, the tempo is speeding up and it’s almost like, you’re getting over the melancholiness and you can see the light a little bit.


$now White and Johnny Yukon, “Tijuana”

We had the skeleton of a beat and we didn’t know what we wanted to do with it. We got Jonny Yukon to sing over it and he changed the song into what you feel now, the Tijuana, beachy, Caribbean vibe. I reflected that in these colors, which mimic a sunset and take you to that place.


Lean Ghost, “Start It”

I think we’re one of the most exciting groups coming in right now, and we’re like light bodies shining into a room every time we walk in. The black represents the beginning of a party, and then as we get closer to the party and eventually enter it, the room is lit up.

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