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15 Cereal Brands We Want Back

The best part of waking up might be Folgers now, but a good bowl of cereal will always bring back the best memories of Saturday morning cartoons and pajamas until noon. However, a lot of the cereal brands we grew up loving have since died out along with Giga Pets and slap wristbands. We’re good on the latter two, but some of those cereal brands definitely need to make a comeback.

Even though Captain Crunch and Apple Jacks are still the go-to boxes in the cereal aisle, we still can’t get over the fact that French Toast Crunch and Oreo O’s are a long gone memory, at least in the U.S. as far as those two are concerned. However, to pay homage to those tasty, bite-sized breakfast meals of the past, we found 15 cereal brands that were wrongfully snatched from our spoons. Hopefully this list will inspire a few General Mills execs to go back and rethink that decision.

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