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Angelina Jolie in Meatloaf’s “Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through”

In Meatloaf’s video for “Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through,” Angelina Jolie played a teenage runaway who wandered into a junkyard under a bridge where Meatloaf was hanging out inside an old jukebox. There were some lurkers coming for her, so he created an explosion that sent them off running. Then the two took a motorcycle ride together with Angie in the sidecar, and Meatloaf showed her how upset her parents were that she was missing in a Ghost of Christmas Past kind of way. They visited a few other people, including a blind woman who was getting frustrated reading Braille and a kid who was about to get into some big trouble, who were both eventually delivered small radios playing Meatloaf’s song and transported to a mystical place where we’re guessing rock and roll dreams came through. At the end, Angelina returned home to her parents, stepping through their white picket fence.

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