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15 Great Backpacks For Work Or Play

You’ve heard the saying before: “What you wear says a lot about who you are.” That’s what makes getting dressed such a process in the morning. Nowadays, it’s not even solely based on clothes anymore. Your add-on pieces like that New Era fitted cap make just as big of a statement. We can all agree, though, that nothing quite beats the appeal of a dope backpack. They’ve been in our lives since grade school and hold up as one of the few things that are sure to never lose functionality. However, since those days, we now care more about if a bag is built with a tablet sleeve rather than having a Spider-Man print on it.

If you haven’t invested in a big boy backpack yet, you’re missing out on the best accessory to assist your day-to-day movements. Students, photographers and world travelers alike can benefit from using one, so we threw this list together with them in mind, plus a few other active types out there. Keep reading to see which bag you should be toting around.

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